Library Hours:

Monday-Friday- 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Saturday- 11 a.m.- 4 p.m.

Library Membership:

i. Faculty Members:
Permanent: 4 books for loan for 1 Month
Full time Contractual: 4 books for loan for 1 Month
Part time: 4 books for loan for 15 days
Guest Lecturer: 4 books for loan for 7 days
ii. Non-teaching Staff Members: 2 books for loan for 15 days
iii. Regular Students: 2 books for loan for 15 days
iv. Alumni: No books for loan only reading facility
v. Others: No books for loan only reading facility

General rules of the library :

» Library Card will have to be shown at the time of entering the library.
» Conversation, talking, sleeping, smoking, loitering and tiffin taking are not allowed within the library premises.
» Mobile phones are not allowed within the library premises.
» Without obtaining permission from the Librarian nobody except faculty members can enter the stack area.
» At the time of entering the library all personal belongings shall be deposited at the bag counter kept beside the library entrance. The library will not be liable for any loss/damage of the personal belongings.
» The library cards are not transferable.
» In case of loss/damage of library card Rs. 10/- per card must be taken to issue duplicate card.
» Any Student can reissue his/her home issued library books for maximum 3 times, if the book has not been on demand by other members of the library.
» Overdue charges for students will be Rs. 1/- per day.
» Every user is expected to examine the book carefully at the time of issuing, in case of mutilation, defacement or damage should immediately be brought to the notice of the concerned library staff at the issue counter. The person to whom the book was issued last will be held responsible for the condition of the book and he/she must compensate either by binding or repairing of the book.
» The user can read books, newspapers, journals in reading room. More than 2 books at a time will not be allowed for use in reading room.
» The reference books, rare books, periodicals, reports and the books marked as “Not to be lend out” are not to be issued outside the library.
» Person held responsible for loss/damage/mutilation of library book shall be liable to compensate the library by replacing with a new copy or paying the price of original book.
» It is mandatory for every library member to collect his/her library Clearance Certificate from the college library at the end of his/her study or service, by surrendering library cards, paying library dues if any. At the time of clearance, a student must bring all his/her library cards together with the third year fee book.
» Only the Heads of the Departments can receive books from the central library for their respective Dept. library and should take full responsibility of the books and also the issue of library clearance.

The library rules framed above are subject to change, amend or alter from time to time by college authority.